Seattle & District 7 is ready for change.

Seattle and District 7 have been, and will continue to be the center of tremendous change in our region. We need people that are going to approach our challenges with expertise and new energy. As our City Councilmember, I will be responsive to the people of our district.
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Homelessness and Housing

A City is its people. Rising housing costs are gutting Seattle of the very diversity that makes it special.

As a Councilmember, I will

  • Push for more housing at all income levels, particularly housing targeted at young adults, families with children, and seniors.

  • Incentivize more opportunity-connected housing around transit stations.

  • Prevent homelessness before it starts by expanding programs aimed at transportation and utility assistance, legal and job support services, and short-term rental assistance.

  • Work with the State to enact requirements that all cities in the region be responsible for solving the housing affordability crisis. Seattle can lead, but other cities must follow.

  • Work with state, county, and local governments to fund mental health and drug rehabilitation beds across the region. People need to be moved off the streets and into care.

  • Require robust release plans for inmates transitioning out of King County’s Correctional Facility downtown. Releasing people onto Seattle’s streets with inadequate support adds to Seattle’s homeless crisis.

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Whether driving, riding transit, walking, biking or moving freight, we all need safe, reliable, and affordable ways to get around.

As a Councilmember, I will

  • Work tirelessly to relieve congestion and better leverage our transit investments.  

  • Focus on the basics, like potholes and failing bridges.

  • Advocate for more sidewalks, curb-cuts, crosswalks, and other pedestrian improvements across the city.

  • Consider the unique needs of seniors, families with strollers, and people with disabilities when building new infrastructure.

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Opportunity for all

There’s a direct connection between the opportunities we provide our children and the success of our City’s future. Our kids deserve high quality schools, safe streets, and secure housing.

As a Councilmember, I will

  • Partner with Seattle Public Schools to ensure every child in Seattle receives a world-class education.

  • Fight for permanent homes for all Seattle Public School children that are currently housing insecure.

  • Remove regulatory barriers that drive up the cost of building and expanding public schools.

Create additional incentives to encourage the construction of daycare centers.

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