Seattle & District 7 is ready for change.

Seattle and District 7 have been, and will continue to be the center of tremendous change in our region. We need people that are going to approach our challenges with expertise and new energy. As our City Councilmember, I will be responsive to the people of our district.

Homelessness and Housing

The city’s role is to do everything in its power to address our housing affordability and homelessness crisis. In terms of where I would spend my energy, leadership, and resources to have the greatest impact.

  • Work toward more housing at all income levels.

  • Better leverage the property around our transit stations.

  • Work toward smarter zoning reforms.

  • Build permanent and supportive housing with wrap around services for those suffering from mental health and drug addiction.

  • Prevent homelessness before it starts by expanding programs aimed at keeping people in their homes.

  • Work with King County to create robust release plans for inmates transitioning out of King County’s Correctional Facility downtown.

  • Break the cycle of homelessness by creating targeted “support network programs”.

  • Expand the Multi-Family Tax Exemption (MFTE) Program

  • Exempt affordable housing from sales taxes and permitting fees.

  • Fix the broken permitting process that unnecessarily drives up the cost of housing.

  • Streamline the public property disposition process.

  • Create a strong land acquisition loans program to take advantage of in-the-moment land banking opportunities for affordable housing.

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Whether driving, riding transit, walking, biking or moving freight, we all need safe, reliable, and affordable ways to get around.


  • Work tirelessly to relieve congestion and better leverage our transit investments.  

  • Focus on the basics, like potholes and failing bridges.

  • Advocate for more sidewalks, curb-cuts, crosswalks, and other pedestrian improvements across the city.

  • Better integrate housing and transportation planning.

  • To be efficient and fair transportation system must serve diverse demands. I will ensure that our diverse transportation modes are better coordinated to:

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Opportunity for all

There’s a direct connection between the opportunities we provide our children and the success of our City’s future. Our kids deserve high quality schools, safe streets, and secure housing.

As a Councilmember, I will

  • Partner with Seattle Public Schools to ensure every child in Seattle receives a world-class education.

  • Fight for permanent homes for all Seattle Public School children that are currently housing insecure.

  • Remove regulatory barriers that drive up the cost of building and expanding public schools.

  • Create additional incentives to encourage the construction of daycare centers.

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