Meet Michael

Michael is running for City Council to bring accountability and practical thinking to City Hall. He offers the unique expertise needed to roll out effective solutions. He sees both bird’s eye and ground-level views, as well as the short and long-term ramifications of tough decisions.

He’s the only candidate with professional expertise planning and managing transportation, public-sector land, and affordable housing projects. There will be no steep learning curve in project planning and execution. Building consensus among various stake holders and scrutinizing budget spending have always been vital to his success.

Michael lives Downtown with his wife and two young children. Outside of work he has actively dedicated himself to making Seattle a place where people of all ages and incomes can live full lives. Michael co-founded Parents for a Better Downtown Seattle, a non-profit dedicated to making Downtown a better neighborhood for children. He has also served on the Seattle Public Schools Capacity Task Force, the Facilities Master Plan Task Force, Chaired the DSA’s Family Friendly sub-committee and volunteered on countless projects aimed at making Seattle work for people of all ages.