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“District 7 encompasses Downtown Seattle, Queen Anne Hill, and Magnolia. Councilmember Sally Bagshaw is retiring after competently serving Seattle for a decade. There are, however, several strong candidates running to become her successor. None stronger than Michael George.

Michael is the most deeply versed in policy of all the current crop of candidates. He is not just passionate about affordable housing and transit policy, he is highly experienced in programs addressing both topics. Michael co-founded Parents for a Better Downtown Seattle and has worked on a variety of sub-committees and task forces aimed at making Seattle a more livable city for all. In all of these efforts, he has successfully worked with diverse stakeholder groups and brokered agreements to get results.

His focus on results and lack of partisan ideology is refreshing. Michael’s experience has provided insights into what works and what doesn’t in the Seattle housing crisis. He demonstrated a mastery of issues around affordability and realistic policies that will improve access to affordable housing for Seattle residents. WTIA endorses Michael George as representative for District 7. 

Andrew Lewis and Chief Jim Pugel are also running for the seat. Andrew Lewis is a relatively new politico working in the city attorney’s office. Chief Pugel has spent his life serving our community as a police officer, sheriff, and chief of police. Both candidates are strong, but Michael George is more well-rounded.”


Sierra Club, Seattle Chapter

“Michael George was endorsed in District 7 for his expertise in and support for policies to develop inclusive urban communities, particularly for transit-oriented development and affordable housing.”


Downtown Seattle Association*

***Received the highest rating of any candidates in District 7***


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Speak Out Seattle*

Michael George has spent his entire career on large affordable housing and transportation projects. He knows the complexities, processes and systemic problems that exist. He is well prepared to deal with both homelessness and housing as a council member. George lives downtown and is the father of two children. He co-founded non-profit Parents for a Better Downtown Seattle, served on the Seattle Schools Capacity Taskforce and chaired the Downtown Seattle Association’s Family Friendly subcommittee. George is well-aligned with SOS’ advocacy positions and he is a highly qualified detail-oriented pragmatic candidate who has broad support.”


The Urbanist

"We are mainly supporting Michael for his concise and clear plan for regional affordable housing funding tied to state requirements (and associated threat of sanctions) a la the Growth Management Act. It’s a low bar, but we didn’t really hear any other candidates articulate a scheme with the same reach and practicality."

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* = Highest Ranking in District 7